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Pod shum Salgira: razskaz iz zhizni "Dobrovol'tsev" [To the sound of the Salhyr: a tale from the life of the “Volunteers”].

L'vov: Iz tipografii Stavropigiiskago Instituta pod upravleniem A. I. Ias'kova, 1924. Octavo (24 × 16 cm). Original staple-stitched printed wrappers; 31 pp. Rubber duplicate stamp to front wrapper and title; else very good.

First and only edition of this fictionalized narrative based on Vavrik’s experience as head of the “Carpatho-Ruthenian” squadron of the Volunteer Army, part of the White forces opposing the bolsheviks during the Civil War. Born in a Galician village, Vavrik (1889–1970) was a Ruthenian writer, poet, folklore scholar, as well as a noted Galician Russophile activist. During WWI, he was a prisoner at the Interniertenlager Thalerhof, near Graz, Austria, the site of many violent deaths and tortures of Ruthenians in Galicia and Bukovina. The Ruthenians of these regions were not prisoners of war, but due to their history, cultural traditions, and religious beliefs considered themselves part of Orthodox Russia and were thus viewed as enemies and subject to deportation. He began to write while in the camp and, after returning to L’vov after his soujourn through Soviet Russia and a short period in Czechoslovakia, he was active as a scholar and publisher, in addition to publishing poems and prose. He survived the Soviet Annexation and the German occupation during WWII, and continued to work after the war, often supporting the Carpatho-Ruthenian cause furtively. Rare; we cannot trace any copies of this title at auction, nor online. As of June 2020, KVK and OCLC only show a microform copy at the University of Wisconsin.

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