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Travaux d'Architecture Exécutés en Belgique.

Beyaert. 2 vols., titles and lists of contents, 240 excellent plates from engravings by Joseph and Franz Neirynck showing plans, elevations, and views of the Belgian architect's works, incl. many superb details of architectural ornament. Folio. Cloth-backed boards. Brussels (Lyon-Claesen) 1880-1892. Placzek I, p. 206.

A rare set documenting the work of Beyaert's work near the close of the 19th century. Beyaert started as a neoclassicist, but softened his style with the use of ornament. His works, thoroughly documented here, include the railroad station at Tournai, the palatial bank at Antwerp, and the "Petit Sablon" park in Brussels, as well as country homes, a concert hall, etc. He also restored older structures. Victor Horta and other leading Art Nouveau architects were students of Beyaert.

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