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Ignaz Gunther; die Handzeichnungen des Kurfurstlich Bayerischen Hofbildhauers Franz Ignaz Gunther (1725-1775).

Gunther. 571 pp. crit. catalogue of drawings by the German Rococo sculptor, introd. text, notes, appendix of documents, bibliography, index, 456 text illus. of the drawings and the sculptures to which they were related, documents, etc., 23 illus. on plates (8 plates in color incl. tipped-in portrait frontispiece). Sq. 8vo. Cloth, illus. d.j. sl. frayed. Weissenhorn (Konrad) 1975. Freitag 4077.

Gunther was a particularly gifted member of a family of artists who came from the Tirol to give 18th-century architecture and sculpture in and around Munich its special character.

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