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Vell i Nou: Revista Quinzenal d'Art. Year I (1915) through Year VII (1921) (all published).

1915. A complete run of the first and second series of the Catalan art journal under the editorial direction of Santiago Segura i Burguess, bound in 7 volumes, including the two undated supplements "Biblioteca de Arte 'Vell i Nou'" Vol. III and IV, of the variously paginated (altogether over 2000 pp.) periodical on historic and modern Spanish fine and decorative art with an emphasis on recent developments, including essays, articles, reviews, exhibitions and bibliographic notices, numerous illustrations, and hundreds of illustrations in the text and on plates. 4to. Cloth. Barcelona (Editorial y Libreria de Arte M. Bayes) 1915-1921.

Publication of Vell i Nou began in 1915, first coming out weekly before switching to a biweekly format. Publication was interrupted in December 1919, before resuming with a second series in April 1920. From that point on, issues came out monthly, until publication ceased in December 1921. During the course of its run, texts were published in Catalan, Spanish, and French, with the majority of contributors hailing from the Catalan literary and artistic movement known as Noucentisme, a reaction against Modernism. These contributors included Josep Aragay, Miquel Ferrà, Eugeni d'Ors, Joaquim Torres i Garcia, Ventrua Gassol, and others.

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