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Sancti Beati a Liebana in Apocalypsin Codex Gerundensis. On half title: El Apocalipsis de Gerona; Die Apokalpyse von Gerona; The Apocalypse of Gerona; L'Apocalypse de Gérone.

1962. 2 vols., 88 pp. critical text in Spanish, French, German, and English on the 10th-century commentary to the Apocalypse and on the Mozarabic illuminations, notes, num. text illustrations from drawings and photographs, complete reproduction of the voluminous codex, text and illuminated pages, with 37 of the plates in color. Folio. Text vol. 1/2 leather, plate vol. in leather simulating the medieval binding. Olten/Lausanne (Urs Graf) 1962. One of 680 copies.

The commentary by Beatus of Liebana is the object of a number of splendid Mozarabic codices, the most famous one at the Cathedral of Gerona.

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