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Demain: Pages et Documents. Paraissant le 15 de Chaque Mois. Nos. 1 (January 1916) through 11/ 12 (November/ December 1916).

The complete first year of the journal (in 11 issues, most approx. 64 pp.), published under the editorial direction of Henri Guilbeaux, presenting essays, letters, documents, and other writings pertaining to social, political and cultural issues of the time, with entries by numerous noted cultural figures including Romain Rolland, Ethel Sidgwick, Gustave Dupin, P. J. Jouve, Ramsay Macdonald, Jacques Mesnil, Jeanne Bertrand, Marcel Martinet, Rabindranath Tagore, A. Lunatcharsky, et al., with two woodcuts by Frans Masereel. 8vo. Orig. wrpps. Geneva 1916.

Demain ceased publication in 1918.

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