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A Dunapentelei Romai Telep (Intercisa). A Maradvanyok Tortenete, a Kutatasok Irodalma, 1926. Evi Leletek./ Die Romische Ansiedlung von Dunapentele (Intercisa). Geschichte der Uberreste, Bibliographie der Forschungen, Fundergebnisse von 1926.

128 pp. study and report (in Hungarian and German) on archeological research undertaken at the western Hungarian village of Dunapentele, the location of an important Roman military camp and town called Intercisa during Roman times, including introductory material concerning the settlement on the banks of the Danube, scholarly descriptions and assessments of objects and inscriptions found at the site, ext. notes, bibliographical material, 67 text illustrations, 4 plates. Large 4to. Wrpps., a bit shaken. Budapest (Egyetemi Nyomda) 1927. (Archaeologia Hunagarica, 2).

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