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Subjectif. Nos. 1 (Feb. 1978) through 7 (1979) (all published).

Seven issues, 50-64 pp. each, comprising a complete run of Raphaël Sorin's legendary but short-lived literary review including contributions by and new translations of Bukowski, Kerouac, Olivier Cohen, Jurij Moskvitin, Gérard Guégan, Philippe Delaroche, Alain le Saux, Richard Brautigan, Charles Olson, Raymond Chandler, and others, illustrated throughout with wildly erotic and bizarre illustrations, as well as photographs of television screens. 8vo. Illustrated wrpps. Paris (Groupe pour l'Organisation Unifiée de la Lecture Appliquée et Généralisée) 1978-1979.

As of January 2018, WorldCat locates three holdings of this scarce serial in North America. Sorin remains a legendary figure in the editorial landscape of modern French fiction, having introduced readers to the work of Michel Houellebecq in the 1990s, among others.

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