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Andy Warhol.

A compendium of original works by Finkelstein including one 8-minute video cassette, one photo screened canvas (27 cm x 27 cm), nine black and white photographic prints 30 cm x 40 cm each, one b&w print 15 cm x 22 cm, and a photo-grid consisting of ten identical photographic prints mounted on linen, overall 80 cm x 160 cm; all images signed, stamped, and numbered 18/50 on verso by Finkelstein, and mounted inside orig. protective covers. All material housed in original sheet-metal box (approx. 42 cm x 32 cm x 8 cm) with another photographic image by Finkelstein on top cover, protected by orig. blue plastic sheet (sheet frayed at edges); the title page/ colophon are also printed on matching sheet-metal and laid into the interior. Antwerp (Gallery Ronny Van de Velde) 1989. One of only 50 copies.

A spectacular work featuring iconic original photographic prints (shot 1960's, printed later) by perhaps the best known photographer to chronicle Warhol's career. In 1962 Finkelstein (1933-2009) was commissioned by Pageant Magazine to do an article on the emerging Pop Art movement ("What Happens at a Happening"), which eventually led to his meeting Warhol; Finkelstein offered his services as a photographer to the artist, and from 1964 to 1967 he was a constant presence at Warhol's studio. As the house photographer for The Factory he created spontaneous portraits not only of Factory regulars like Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga but also of the artists and celebrities who drifted in and out of the Warhol orbit. Among the present selection of prints are a shot of Warhol and Bob Dylan discussing a double portrait of Elvis Presley, an image of Warhol taking a picture of Marcel Duchamp, shots of musical happenings at the Factory, and other images of Warhol and his cohorts. Fifty copies of this work were produced but many of the photographs have been dispersed. As of April 2018, WorldCat locates one copy of this work in a North American library.

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