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Collection of American Pamphlets, ca. 1790-1870.

A collection of approx. 65 pamphlets, mostly religious in nature though peppered with some secular tracts, most published in the United States in the first half of the 19th century but with a few before and after, including a wealth of sermons relating to the nature and practice of religion, its place in civil society, and other topics, many of the sermons in response to landmark occasions both large and small including days of thanksgiving and fasting, the ordination, anniversary of the ordination, or retirement of a minister, funerals of noted persons, the graduation of classes from educational institutions, etc. Most of the pamphlets were deaccessioned from an institutional library and in most cases the text blocks have been removed from earlier bindings; the works are all intact and in generally good condition except for some staining and foxing; though most lack their original wrpps. cover;, the text blocks are generally sound, with an occasional loose page here or there. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Balitmore, Indianapolis, Lewiston ME, Amherst MA, Worcester MA, Hagerstown PA, and elsewhere, ca. 1735-1883, most between 1795 and 1865.

An interesting compendium of material which taken in its entirety provides a good overview of religious thought in the early republic and its evolution through the early 19th century. A complete list is available upon request.

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