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Cheval d'Attaque. Revue International d'Expression Ludique. Nos. 0 (1968) through 19 (1978) (all published).

A complete run (most issues approx. 24-50 pp., some unpag.) of the Franco-Walloon literary and poetry review under the editorial direction of Didier Paschal-Lejeune, most issues containing poetry, reviews, and artwork, some focused on a single theme, illustrated. 4vo. and 8vo. Orig. wrpps. Paris 1968-1978. Together with Cavalier Seul. Bulletin d'Information Menusel, Publié par "Cheval d'Attaque." Nos. 1 (November 1973) through 26 (February 1976) (all published). A complete run of the newsletter (unpag.) from the publishers of Cheval d'Attaque, reviewing books, theater, films, exhibitions, and concerts. Folio. Nos. 1 through 14, stapled wrpps., nos. 15 through 26 unbound. Paris 1973-1976.

Many important writers and artists contributed to the journal and the newsletter, including Marcel Béalu, Henri Chopin, Andre Breton, Suzanne Arlet, Jean-Claude Chastaing, Alain Frontier, Andre Martel, Jean-Pietter Bobilot, Jacques Carelman, Roland Cat, Mirabelle Dors, Maurice Rapin, Carmelo Bene, Yves Giry, Jean-Paul Séguin, Pierre Bassard, and Christian Tobas.

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