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Estonian Avant-Garde

Murrang: Kuukiri. No. 1 (March 1921) through No. 5/6 (August 1921) (all published).

A complete run of 6 issues in 4 volumes of the short-lived Estonian avant-garde literary and cultural journal, under the editorial direction of Bernhard Linde (nos. 1 and 2) and August Alle (nos. 3/4 and 5/6), inspired by Henry Barbusse, along with the French journal "Clarté" and the leftist, pacifist movement of the same name, featuring contributions from poets and writers active in Estonia at the time including expressionists, futurists, modernists, and avant-garde figures. Not illustrated. Lg. 8vo. Orig. wrpps, pattern and typography designed by Estonian expressionist artist Ado Vabbe. Some light wear to covers, minor soiling, all but issue no. 1 uncut. Tartus, Estonia (Kirjastus "Varrak") 1921.

Murrang reflects a tumultuous period in early Estonian literature that was accompanied by wide-ranging political and aesthetic debates. The contributors to this journal reflect that vast scope, including Johannes Barbarus, Johannes Semper, Albert Kivikas, Gustav Suits, Peet Vallak, Marie Under, Arthur Adson, Milli Mallikas, and others. After Murrang ceased publication, it was continued by another short-lived literary journal, Tarapita. Very scarce; as of September 2016, WorldCat shows only one electrostatic reproduction in North America.

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