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Anweisung zum Richtigen Gebrauch der Lithographierten Allgemeinen Himmels-Karte. Accompanied by Stereographischer Entwurf des Gestiruten Himmels von Nordpol bis zum 40 Grad Südlicher Abweichung.

Large handcolored lithographed star map in the style of a planisphere, designed by Frank and drawn by Joseph Kaiser, depicting constellations from the North Pole to the 40th latitude, with overlaid volvelle-type component to rotate in order to match up the month, day, and time shown in concentric circles around the outside of the chart, to obtain an accurate depiction of the night sky; accompanied by a small 40 pp. astronomy book with instructions on how to read the celestial map and tables of constellations, with some handwritten notes at rear of volume. Some minor soiling and some scattered foxing to chart. Book 16mo, chart 19 x 20 inches. Book cloth-backed boards, small split along paper label on spine; map lithograph on paper mounted to cardboard. Graz, Austria (Frank) 1828.

The first "planisphere" star chart was made in 1625 by the son-in-law of Johannes Kepler, Jacob Bartsch. Planispheres are generally composed of two adjustable disks that rotate on a common point and can be moved to display the visible stars for any given time and date. Its predecessor is the astrolabe. Friedrich Anton Frank was a Slovenian mathematician and professor, and authored several books on astronomy. Incredibly scarce; as of July 2017 WorldCat does not locate a single holding in North America.

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