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Herzattacke. Literatur- und Kunstzeitschrift. Vol. 12, No. I (2000) through Vol. 27, No. I (2015).

Collection of 28 total volumes of the rare and esoteric German art journal, under the editorial direction of Maximilian Barck, founded in 1989 and consisting of contemporary texts together with original drawings and graphic prints, many signed, with artistic contributions from a variety of artists including Mikos Meininger, Felix Martin Furtwängler, Lothar Böhme, Horst Hussel, Klaus Hähner-Springmühl, Michael Würzberger, and many others. Profusely illustrated throughout. 4to. Cloth-backed illustrated boards, housed in numerous cardboard slipcases. Berlin 2000-2015. Each issue printed in a limited edition of 95 copies.

In 1985, Maximilian Barck founded the artist group "Maldoror" in East Berlin, which was devoted to surrealism. A few years later, in 1988, Barck founded the independent artist group "Herzattacke" with the goals of promoting the arts, documenting the text and artwork produced by the artists within the group, and supporting events and projects that promoted important unknown art into the public eye.
The volumes included in this collection are:
Vol. 12, Nos. I-IV and Special Issue (2000).
Vol. 15, Nos. I-III and Special Issue (2003) (2 copies of each from this year).
Vol. 16, No. II (2004).
Vol. 17, Nos. I-II and Special Issue (2005).
Vol. 20, Nos. I-II (2008).
Vol. 21, No. I and Special Issue (2009).
Vol. 23, No. I and Special Issues I-II (2011).
Vol. 24, Nos. I-II and Special Issue (2012).
Vol. 27, No. I (2015).

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