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Diameter. A Magazine of the Arts. No. 1 (March 1951) through No. 2 (April 1951) (all published).

A complete run in two issues of the short-lived art and literary journal, issues 52 and 40 pp., under the editorial direction of Lorraine Rothbard with assistance from Sally Woroner, each issue containing poetry, prose, and photographic reproductions of artworks, with contributions from Robert Gibbons, E.E. Cummings, Willard Maas, W.R. Rodgers, Andrew Schiller, George Barker, Grace Stone Coates, Ibram Lassaw, Irving Weiss, and others. Scattered illustrations throughout. 8vo. Original illustrated stapled wrpps. Very minor soiling and creasing. Brooklyn, New York 1951.

The editorial which opens the first issue of Diameter reads, “Diameter is any line through the center...It meets all points of view. It encounters all aspects of art... (Diameter) grew out of a sighed, ‘Why don’t they write sweet things anymore?’ That is our first point of departure...The second, our only standard is one of quality: essentialism in all the arts - in literature, a distillation to the exact word.”.

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