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East German Samizdat Gallery Documentation

Eigen+Art. WITH: Zwei Jahre Eigen+Art. Two volumes of original art and documentation.

Leipzig: Galerie Eigen+Art, 1985–1987. Text volumes quartos, portfolios folio-size and measuring ca. 55 × 41.5 × 5 cm. Text volumes cloth boards, portfolios in black and white linen cassettes, artworks loose as issued. One image with partial adhesions from tissue paper overlay, some very minor soiling and rubbing to portfolios, overall very good.

Two volumes documenting the important non-conformist and experimental German art gallery founded in 1983 in Leipzig, each a limited edition comprising a smaller typescript catalog with photographs documenting exhibitions in the year covered, and two large cassette portfolios with original prints and photographs by East German artists who exhibited at the gallery, with 32 works total between the two sets, each work signed and numbered. Such circulation of unofficial art circulated outside the official publishing and censorship system of the GDR and was considered a subversive and essentially illicit activity.

Of the first volume, Lybke wrote, “Am 25.10.1986 besteht die Eigen+Art ein Jahr. Aus diesem Anlass wurde diese Mappe zusammengestellt. Sie beinhaltet Arbeiten, die Beleg sind für das Schaffen derer, die im Zeitraum vom 25. Oktober bis Oktober ’86 in der Eigen+Art augestellt haben.” The objective of the second set was similar. Among the artists included are Ingo Regel, Karin Wieckhorst, Michael Kunert, Micha Brendel, Klaus Elle, Thomas Florschütz, Dietrich Oltmanns, Wolfgang Lehmann, Detlef Schweiger, Roland Borchers, Volker Regel, Volker Baumgart, Dieter Ladewig, Andreas Hanske, Frank Müller, Angela Hampel, Carsten Nicolai, Jens Pfuhler, and others. Limited editions, numbered 17 of 25 and 10 of 20 copies respectively. Rare; as of May 2019, KVK and OCLC show only two North American holdings of works by Eigen+Art, but not the present works.

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Price: $25,000.00