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Berlin Almanach

Randlage. Nos. 1 (1978) through 24 (March 1987). Continued as Kreuzberger Randlage. Nos. 25 (1987) through 45-47 (2018) (all published).

47 issues in 34 fascicules (16 to 64 pp. each), along with the supplemental Almanach der Freunde der Randlage (released between issues 9 and 10), comprising a complete set of the underground visual art, literature and poetry series co-published by Valentin Rothmaler and Reiwert Q. Tode through issue 24 and continued by Tode under the new title (Kreuzberger Randlage) through the end of its run, featuring original works by East and West German artists and writers including Katje Lange-Müller, Anastas E. Guckel, Reinhild Gerum, W.C. Warmbold, G.B. Becker, Jupp Huerkamp, Georg Laschen, Lothar Nowack, Adolf Endler, Christoph Perels, Jutta Hilscher, Ursula Oberbeckmann, Michael Ruetz, Hans Thom, Joel Agee, Jan Gielkins, Peter Will, Volker Meier, Reiner M. Ebert, and Peter Will, among others (occasionally under pseudonyms.) Issue nos. 17/18 and 22/23 each consist of one folded sheet and postcards in portfolios. Issues sm. 8to; almanac 8to. Illus. wrpps, nos. 1 through 24 with brightly-colored alulitho, largely abstract prints by Rothmaler. Berlin (Verlag amBEATion Riewert Q. Tode) 1978-2018. Issues printed in editions of 300-500, several copies signed by the authors.

According to an advertisement for the serial appearing in the almanac, the journal was established to deliver "literary, existential, and artistic expressions" from both East and West Germany and self-consciously sought a position at the periphery of mainstream artistic and literary conversations. In additional to original works by contemporary producers, Randlage included reprints of works by figures including T. Lux Feininger, Herbert von Kleist, and Georg Heym. This set belonged to Tode himself. Scarce institutionally.

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