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310 Ideen T.O.T. (Technological Oak Tree). 310 Ideen - Ausgeloest Durch die Natur von Vermont. Für Dick Higgins (1970-1972).

Original multiple pertaining to a conceptual art piece by the noted avant-garde German artist, comprised of a cardboard box housing 319 printed 3" x 5" note cards, including 310 sequentially numbered "Idea Cards" with measured readings of physical elements such as temperature or barometric pressure; two cards comprising the title card and publication information; and 7 heading cards, each featuring one of the physical elements: Wind, Temperatur, Geraeusche (Noise), Barometer, Lichtstärke (Brightness), Humidity, and Zeit (Time). Original photograph mounted to box lid and to underside of cover. Box 3-3/4 x 5-3/8 x 3-1/4 inches. Original printed cardboard box, contents loose as issued. Hinwil, Switzerland (Galerie Howeg) n.d. (circa 1972). Number 95 from a limited edition of 170, hand-numbered and signed by Vostell to title card. Includes 5 blank cards with printed footer "T.O.T. Environment von Vostell in West Glover Vermont U.S.A." and 10 duplicates.

Vostell's statement about the work is as follows: "T.O.T. is the abbreviation of the 'Technological Oak Tree' because I started my project with an oak tree in the Los Angeles area in 1969. It is now a 20 meter high maple tree in Vermont, on which various physical elements (natural events) 1. are measured, 2. are transported to the house, and 3. are indicated on an idea console, where each measuring instrument is related to an idea file. The user or observer finds for 310 measured readings 310 corresponding ideas; he is free to perform each one after another. Human behavior is triggered by the physical behavior of nature." A scarce copy of Vostell's landmark work; as of August 2019, WorldCat locates only a single copy of this work in a United States institution.

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Price: $2,500.00