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Cold-War Nuclear Anxiety

Kogda Rossiia budet imet' atomnuiu bombu? [When Will Russia Have the Atomic Bomb?].

Moscow: Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo inostrannoi literatury, 1948. Octavo (19 × 12.8 cm). Original staple-stitched printed wrappers; 37, [3] pp. Very good or better.

Russian translation in pamphlet form of an article on Soviet nuclear power by Hogerton and Raymond, "When will Russia Have the Atomic Bomb?" (published in Look, March 16, 1948). Based on their analysis of Soviet industry, infrastructure, and the sciences, the authors reached the conclusion that the first Soviet atomic bomb would be built by 1954. In fact, the following year already saw tests of the Soviet nuclear device "RDS-1," a copy of the American "Fat Man" detonated over Nagasaki, which was nicknamed "Joe-1" by US authorities, in a reference to Stalin. However, a complete nuclear missile system was not completed until 1952. Most likely issued directly at Stalin's behest, the brochure was meant to embarrass the Americans both for their supposed war-mongering, and the inaccuracy of their projections, as Stalin knew that the first trials were imminent. The anonymous six-page preface, possibly authored in part by Stalin, closes with the words: "Let the 'prophets' guess on the coffee grounds in which year Russia will have the atomic bomb. We'll live and see!"

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