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Avant-garde Flip Book


90 leaves (printed recto only) flip-book by the revolutionary American animation artist, filmmaker, and color theorist, presenting an abstract series of images using geometrical forms in black and yellow on white ground, meant to be seen as a moving piece. 12mo. Original illustrated stapled wrpps., some minor soiling. Montreal (La Cinémathèque Canadienne) 1967.

Breer (1926-2011), known as the "kinetic poet of the avant-garde", was renowned for his spearheading efforts in animation, utilizing both abstract as well as representational images throughout a career of over 50 years. He worked with the avant-garde movements of his time and was associated with high modernism, fluxus, pop, and other genres; he also explored color theories of Chevreul, Rood, et al. The present work, a whimsical composition using abstract and geometric shapes flowing into one another, was one of 12 "flip books" published in conjunction with the World Retrospective of Animation Cinema held in Montreal in 1967. As of September 2019, WorldCat locates only 6 copies of this publication in North American institutions.

Book ID: 50211

Price: $1,650.00