Polish Neo-Avant-Garde

Animal Manifesto. Manifest Zwierzecy. Signed and Inscribed to Natalia LL.

Lublin, Poland: Labyrinth Gallery, 1980. Double-sided offset-printed broadside. Very good; old creases; one small puncture; signed and inscribed at bottom of Polish side to Natalia LL (Lach-Lachowicz), a leading figure of Polish unofficial art and co-founder of the PERMAFO group.

Scarce broadside reproducing Partum’s “Animal Manifesto” in English and Polish, comprising 15 bullet points in which he derides the arguments that human beings are superior to animals due to the existence of rational thought, and that progress can be made only by advancements in human technology. Partum was a Polish neo-avant-garde poet, performer, conceptual artist, and author of manifestos and critical works. He took inspiration from Futurist traditions of deconstructing the meaning of words and grammar, and focused on the graphic layout of words in his poetry. In 1971 Partum established the Bureau of Poetry (Biuro Poezji) in Warsaw, later changing the name to Pro/La, and published his own poetry as well as the work of many other writers. During this time he also published many manifestos, some illicitly printed and distributed. The Animal Manifesto was published during this time period. As of October 2019, not in KVK, OCLC.

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