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Washington Horse Racing Commission Research.

Unpaginated (54 typed leaves printed recto only) original typed research report by Williams, a veterinarian, and Stone, a chemist, documenting their attempts to effectively perform saliva and urine tests on thoroughbred racing horses to detect the existence of performance-enhancing drugs and stimulants, including information on the collection of fluids, a chemical analysis of synthetic drugs, and the effect of the drugs when administered to horses in varying amounts, illustrated with ten original photographs of various substances at a microscopic level and one page with several small original chemical illustrations. Overall very fine condition. 4to. Original cloth-covered boards, title impressed in green ink. Some very slight rubbing, especially to corners and edges of spine. N.p. (Olympia, Washington) (Washington Horse Racing Commission) n.d. (1941).

The beginning of the report lays out the method used by Williams and Stone to photograph alkaloid-double-salt crystals, which they appear to have developed themselves via a series of experiments. They settled upon a method using "triple S panchromatic film and exposing for a period of from five to ten seconds (depending on the crystals photographed and the amount of light available)" which produced "satisfactory photomicrographs". They follow this with the exact solutions they used to develop the film as well as to fix the photomicrographs. Their pioneering work appears similar to the methods used beginning in the 1970's during Reagan's "War on Drugs" and later to test for performance-enhancing drugs in humans. As of November 2019, WorldCat does not locate any listings for this report; a possibly unique and highly technical work.

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