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Re Nudo. Mensile di Contracultura e Contrainformazione. Later subtitles: Mensile di Controcultura; and Mensile di cultura alternativa, nuova coscienza e musica. No. 0 (n.d., November 1970) through No. 92 (November 1980) (all published).

A rare complete run (issue no. 23 actually a double issue, 22/23) of the Italian counterculture journal, founded in 1970 by a group of intellectuals and artists, including Andrea Valcarenghi, edited at times by Valcarenghi, Guido Vivi, and Marina Valcarenghi, most issues approx. 16-24 pp., covering topics related to underground culture and political issues, such as LSD, marijuana, and other drugs, Angela Davis, the White Panthers, the Weather Undergound, Israel, Puerto Rico and the Young Lords, women's liberation, prison conditions, pornography, masculinity, homosexuality, Islam, sexual politics, Bob Dylan, guerrilla theater, Vietnam, abortion, music, books, sexuality, film, and comics. Illustrated profusely throughout. Minor handling wear, scattered toning and soiling, etc. Small folio and 4to. Original illustrated wrpps., some dust-staining and minor soiling, overall very good. Milan, 1970-1980. Includes supplements to issues 6 and 34.

Re Nudo was perhaps the most famous Italian counterculture magazine. During the years of its publication, the journal helped to put on a series of pop music festivals called the Festival del proletariato giovanile, with the first held in Ballabio in September of 1971. With the slogan "facciamo che il tempo libero diventi tempo liberato", the festival attracted thousands. The second festival was held in Zerbo in June 1972, and in 1974 the festival moved to Milan for its third installment. Held over 4 days in June at Parco Lambro La "Festa", spectators witnessed acts such as PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi), Perigeo, Alan Sorrenti, Battiato, Acqua Fragile, Biglietto per l'Inferno, The Trip, Il Volo, Loy e Altomare, Stormy Six, and Angelo Branduardi, among others. The final festival was held from June 26 to June 29, 1976, and was attended by more than 400,000 people. However, the festival was scourged by issues of looting and clashes between various organizing groups. A very rare complete run of an important 1970's Italian journal.

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