Mail Art

Group of various pieces of mail art sent to Natalia LL.

Various sizes and formats. Very good.

Original envelope by the A.R.T. - ART Recycling Terminal, Waregem (Belgium), a project organized by the Belgian mail artists Johan van Geluwe (born 1929), who is also the curator of the Museum of Museums. Contains a compilation of various original pieces of mail art sent to Natalia LL (Lach-Lachowicz), a founding member of the neo-avant-garde group PERMAFO (along with Zbigniew Dłubak, and the art critic Antoni Dzieduszycki). Among these is a letter by van Geluwe, with a Polish translation; an invitation by Jiří Valoch to participate in his new action 50 cm, signed by the artist; a letter and invitation card by Darko Kalic of Atelier Milchstrasse (Freiburg, Germany); a card by Gregor Jurij (?) of Slovenia; as well as cards by unidentified Greek and Hungarian artists (Sándor). The envelope is addressed to “PERMAFO, Klub Zwiazkow Tworczych” in Wroclaw. Founded in 1970, the group and eponymous Permafo gallery operated until 1981, and were central to the development of conceptual art in Poland. Provenance: from the artist’s personal archive.

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