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Berliner Architekturwelt. Zeitschrift für Baukunst, Malerei, Plastik und Kunstgewerbe der Gegenwart. Year I, No. 1 (1898) through Year XVIII (1916).

A scarce complete run of the first 18 years of 21 years total published (in 168 loose issues and four bound volumes), together with 13 additional issues from the final three years of the journal (Year XIX/1917, nos. 1, 4/5, 6, 8/9, and 12; Year XX/1918, nos. 2, 3/5, 6/8, and 9/10; and Year XXI/1919, nos. 3/4, 5/6, 9/10, and 11/12) of the important and long-running German art and architecture journal, founded by the architects Heinrich Jassoy, Ernst Spindler, and Bruno Möhring together with the Vereinigung Berliner Architekten and edited by Hans Schliepmann, the issues highlighting works of architecture and architectural decoration and ornament as well specific architects in Berlin and throughout Germany, including works of domestic, civic, and commercial architecture such as halls, pavilions, churches, chapels, synagogues, hospitals, restaurants, villas, manor houses, banks, museums, schools, and theaters. Illustrated profusely throughout, primarily from photographs and floor plans. 4to. Years I-XII and XV-XVI in original wrpps., Years XIII and and XVIII in later canvas or canvas-backed boards, Years XIV and XVII in original embossed canvas. Some toning, handling wear, minor chipping to original wrpps., slight dust-staining. Berlin, 1898-1916.

A significant run of the important Berlin architectural journal, containing thousands of photographs of German architecture and ornament. An invaluable resource for architecture and design in Berlin at the start of the 20th century.

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