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Rare Hundertwasser Manifesto - No Copies in North America

Hundertwasser, Arnulf Rainer, Ernst Fuchs haben das Pintorarium gegründet, Wien am 17. Sept 1959.

Vienna: Urania, 1959. A rare poster documenting the short-lived collaboration between the three modern Austrian artists, in the form of a manifesto concering the establishment of a ‘universal academy of all creative fields', mixing typescript and mechanically reproduced handwritten lettering and corrections, consisting of two sheets joined together. Many fold marks, some small tears and minor losses along upper edge, one tear along right-hand side, some slight browning and minor staining. Total overall sheet size approx. 32.5 × 23.25 inches.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (born Friedrich Stowasser) was an artist and architect who worked in the fields of applied art and environmentalism, and often utilized bright colors, organic forms, and a rejection of straight lines in his work. His architectural work is comparable to Antoni Gaudí in its use of biomorphic forms and tile, but he was also inspired by the Vienna Secessionists, Egon Schiele, and Gustav Klimt.

Arnulf Rainer is a painter noted for his abstract informal art, which was influenced by Surrealism early on. In 1950, together with Fuchs, Arik Brauer, and Josef Mikl, Rainer cofounded the Hundsgruppe. In the later 1950's, his style evolved towards "Destruction of Forms", with his work often dominated by overpainting, blackening out of images, and masking of illustrations and photographs. He became close to the Vienna Actionism movement and painted extensively on the subject of Hiroshima.

Ernst Fuchs was an Austrian painter, printmaker, sculptor, architect, composer, and poet, as well as one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, established in 1946. In the 1950's, in an attempt to achieve the lighting effects achieved by the Old Masters, Fuchs revived the mischtechnik of painting, and concurrently studied alchemical symbolism, the mannerists, and Karl Jung.

The manifesto text reads, in part, "The Pintorarium is a breeding ground for the education of the creative elite...The Pintorarium is not only a school of painting, but also a school of thought and life. The Pintorarium is a plateau of thought that is headed by a Pintorection, which is authorized to assign teaching posts to a number of highly qualified creative persons. However, these chairs do not serve for teaching, but for autonomous concentration...The Pintorarium is a home for all creative persons without discrimination regarding the arts, art movements and philosophies, architecture, poetry, film, music, etc. etc...The principle of the Pintorarium is individual autonomy. Emulation is prohibited. There are no role models."

A scarce document; as of January 2020, WorldCat does not locate any copies of this poster-manifesto in North American institutions.

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