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Die Frauen Tribüne. No. 1/2 (January 1933) through No. 8 (Mai 1933) (all published).

A complete run of 6 issues (2 double issues, each issue approx. 16-28 pp.) in one bound volume of the short-lived feminist German journal published at the tail end of the Weimar Republic, edited by Hildegard Barczinski with assistance from Dr. Marga Job, and Dr. Marga Bauer, covering topics related to feminism and the women's movement, such as the youth movement, art, prostitution, the protection of minors, domestic life, craft, and unemployment, with contributions from writers including Gabriele Tergit, Joe Lederer, Elisabeth Langgässer, Nelly Wolffheim, Dr. Alice Salomon, Alix von Falkenhayn, Irma Sernau, Anna von Gierke, Nell Walden Heimann, and many others. Scattered illustrations throughout, primarily from photographs and drawings within advertisements. Clean, 4to. Newer blue canvas boards, original wrpps. bound in, overall very good, some minor bumping to edges and a small split at top of spine. Berlin, 1933. Signed, dated 1935, and inscribed with a poem by Hildegard Barczinski to front flyleaf which alludes to the short-lived nature of the journal and her wish that her work could have continued.

Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor on the morning of January 30, 1933. By mid-February, Reichstsag deputies were being arrested and meetings of left-wing parties were banned. The last multi-party election of the Weimar Republic took place on March 5, 1933, and the Enabling Act was passed at the end of March. The passage of the Act, which enabled the Nazi cabinet to pass legislature - especially laws that ran contrary to the constitution - without the approval of the President or the Reichstag, is widely considered to mark the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of the Nazi era. By the time Die Frauen Tribüne was getting underway, many of its contributors were no longer allowed to write, or were only allowed to write apolitical pieces. Very scarce; as of January 2020, WorldCat does not locate a single holding of this journal in a North American library.

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