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Marinetti, "Animatore d'Italianità" (1924) (all published).

The single unique issue published of the special journal devoted to Marinetti, 4 pp., edited by Mino Somenzi, containing a "Manifesto per le Onoranze Nazionali a F.T. Marinetti", an homage to Marinetti by Marco Ramperti, poetry, and other articles with titles such as "Lo spirito profetico di Marinetti", "L'influenza mondiale di Marinetti e del Futurismo", and "Il significato del I Congresso futurista." Scattered illustrations. Some creasing, toning, small closed tears and edgewear. Elephant folio. Original self-wrpps. N.p. (Milan) (Cavenaghi & Pinell) n.d. (1924).

Mino Somenzi was an early member of the Futurist movement. He founded and directed the Istituto Fascista di Propaganda Nazionale in Milan in 1923, and continued his involvement with Futurism after moving to Rome in 1926. In 1929, he was among the editors of the Manifesto dell'Aeropittura Futurista, along with Marinetti, Balla, Fortunato Depero, Gerardo Dottori, Fillia, and others. In May 1932 he founded the important journal "Futurismo", which became the official publication of the Futurist movement. In 1933 he organized the first national Futurist art exhibition at Piazza Adriana in Rome. As of January 2020, WorldCat locates only 4 holdings of this unique publication in North American libraries.

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