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Language Box/Box Language.

Small cardboard box containing an introductory booklet folded accordion-style and printed recto only, and a group of 329 printed cards and 4 blank cards, the printed cards mostly each bearing a single word to each side of the card, some printed instead with an image (one example being a clip art image of a flag). Cards each measure 1-3/8 x 3-1/4 inches, box measures 4-1/2 x 3-5/8 x 1-1/2 inches. Excellent condition. New York (Black Thumb Press, Inc.) 1966.

In the introductory text to this box, Hendricks dedicates the work to Geoffrey Hendricks, her husband at the time and fellow Fluxus artist. She also writes, "The impact of these cards is subtle and elusive. If you allow them, they will get into your head and stay there, witty, topical, bizarre, and tenacious as burrs in your socks. Revolve them carelessly, in a variety of contexts, and they will yield unexpected results...For the essence of LANGUAGE BOX is its intuitive structure, and intuition needs free play in order to generate insight. What, then, is the book for? For play, of course. Serious play. It is not intended to have a fixed continuity. It is not designed to entertain the bored and passive. Nor is it a game, unless you make it one." She goes on to say, "LANGUAGE BOX is...an attempt to break out of, not break down, traditional habits and inhibitions in order to arrive at a richer, fresher sense of language and the world. Like building blocks, the cards have a lean simplicity whose very limitations, it is hoped, will bring a kind of freedom to the user...Ultimately, the idea for the cards is derived from the short, evocative Japanese poem, the haiku, with its contrasted elements pointing to, rather than spelling out, meaning...Try it: renew your zest in language."
As of February 2020, WorldCat locates seven holdings of this work in North American institutions.

Book ID: 50594

Price: $2,500.00