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West Berlin Counterculture - Anarchism

Charlie Kaputt. Vol. I, nos. 1-4 (May, June, and December 1968) (all published).

West Berlin: self-published (Buchloh, Heike, Homann, Blößer, Schmitz und Tomayer), 1968-1971. Folios (33 × 30 cm, 50 x 34cm). Original staple-stitched pictorial wrappers; 6-8 pp. per issue. Very good.

Rare complete run in four issues of the short-lived and irregularly published counter-culture serial from West Berlin, with content and presentation reflecting the radical sensibility of the time. The issues contain numerous articles and illustrations (cartoons, caricatures, and manipulated photographs) on APO politics, sex, drugs, revolution, and other issues relevant to the tumultuous year 1968. The first three issues appeared in 1968 and the fourth issue followed only in 1971. The periodical was an offshoot of the militant leftist journal "linkeck" published by in 1967-1969 by the Linkeck Commune. Like "linkeck" it was still produced primarily via reproduced typescript, but it featured a larger, tabloid-style format and striking color wrapper designs. It was outspoken in its support for militant struggle and approved of the terrorist activities of the RAF and related groups, while also expressing approval of the Soviet invasion of Prague in August of 1968. Issue three reproduces a declaration by Baader, Ensslin, et al regarding the attacks on the Frankfurt department store in April 1968. Along with "linkeck" and "Radikalinski", the journal was one of the most radical organs of the anti-authoritarian, anarchist political left in West Berlin, and it greatly benefited from the fact that the German authorities had not yet begun policing such periodicals.

As of February 2021, KVK and OCLC show four holdings in North America, though most include only one or two issues and none contain the final fourth issue.

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