The Rarest Berlin Underground Paper

FIZZ, nos. 1-10 (all published).

Berlin: self-published, 1971-1972. Tabloid format, unstapled as issued, each issue ca. 43 × 31 cm. [8] to [14] pp. per issue. Fully illustrated throughout. Some light toning and staining; two issues with date inscribed in ink; else about very good.

Rare complete run of one of the most elusive illustrated journals of the Berlin underground. The anarchist-oriented paper was co-founded by Peter-Paul Zahl (1944-2011), who had previously been a co-editor of the famous Agit 833 journal. FIZZ was considered the main outlet of the Vagabond Hash Rebels, the tongue-in-cheek name for a rag-tag group of anarchist and left-wing radical activists, including Dieter Kunzelmann, Ralf Reinders, Michael “Bommi” Baumann, Ronald Fritzsch, Norbert “Knofo” Kröcher, Bernhard Braun, Georg von Rauch and Thomas Weisbecker. The group, which was also known as the Blues-Scene and was based in Charlottenburg, initially spoke out against the harsh anti-drug policies in West Berlin. A manifesto published around the same time states: “The Hash Rebels are the militant kernel of Berlin’s counterculture. They fight against the modern monopoly capitalist system of slavery… Fuck the society of middle age and taboos. Become wild and do beautiful things. Have a joint. Whatever you see that you don’t like, destroy” (translation by Robert P. Stephens, in Germans on Drugs).

Some members of the movement drifted towards extreme leftist terrorism and joined what would later become the 2 June Movement; many of the issues of FIZZ deal with the RAF and other groups of the militant left-wing milieu. Not surprisingly the journal was keenly observed by the German Verfassungsschutz and of the ten published issue only a single one was not censored and forbidden from circulation (possibly by an oversight). Strikingly illustrated throughout, with cartoons, comic strips, drawings, including the repeated use of swastikas applied to the United States and generally anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-police content

As of July 2021, KVK and OCLC only show three institutional holdings in North America, none of which appear to be complete.

Book ID: 50802