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Early Medical Micrography – Malaria – Caucasus

Maliariia na zakavkazskoi zhelieznoi dorogie v 1889 godu. Mikroskopicheskiia nabliudeniia. S prilozheniem 12 mikrofotogramm maliariinogo parazita i litografirovannoi tablitsy [Malaria on the Transcaucasus Railway in 1889. Microscopical investigations. With 12 microphotograms of the Malaria parasite and a lithographed chart]. WITH: Six other medical works, including offprints, by scientists from Tbilisi, Georgia, including four others by N. A. Sakharov.

Tbilisi, 1889. Octavo (23 × 15.6 cm). Original printed wrappers; 18 pp. of text, one folded graph lithographed in black and light blue, and one photographic plate showing twelve microphotographs of Malaria parasites. Good or better; light soil, toning, and moisture staining throughout; some nicks and fraying to spine and wrapper edges.

In all likelihood, this offprint contains the first photographic documentation of the malaria parasite, based on the author's investigation of an infamously troublesome region along the Transcaucasus Railway connecting Baku and Batumi. In addition to documenting found specimens, Sakharov also traces the forms of Plasmodium that correspond to various phases of disease in a patient affected by malaria fever. Sakharov was also the first to confirm the third known species, Plasmodium falciparum, and his use of microphotography was presumably also among the earliest applications of this technique, at least in the former Russian Empire, and his approach is described in detail.

"N. Sakharov, an army doctor stationed in the Caucasus, wrote a number of articles on his laboratory and clinical research during the late 1880s and early 1890s. Contrary to the belief current at the time that different microscopic forms were phases of growth of one malaria parasite, Sakharov noted "incorrect" parasites with "irregular" amoeboid forms, lack of crescents (P. falciparum gametocytes) or "crescents" of oval, elongated or elliptical shapes, and different sizes of ring stages in malarial blood smears. He concluded that this indicated the existence of different species of parasites. He upheld Golgi's view that the daily paroxysms characteristic of so-called quotidian malaria resulted from schizogony of two broods of parasites, rather than from a new species of parasite. Thus, 'daily' fever was not a separate fever as had been traditionally believed. Sakharov also developed a special apparatus to photograph the microscopic forms of the parasites" (see Mary Schaeffer Conroy, "Malaria in late Tsarist Russia" 1982, p. 47).

As of October 2023, KVK, OCLC show only one non-microfilm copy in North America.

The other titles include:

N. A. Sakharov. Okislenie zhelieza, kak khimicheskaia osnova zhiznennykh iavlenii. Tbilisi, 1917. Octavo. Original printed wrappers; 60 pp. Good; lacking rear wrapper.

N. A. Sakharov. K voprosu, chto takoe soznanie? Kratkii ocherk 'kislorodnoi' teorii psikhicheskikh iavlenii. Dopolnitel'naia glava k sochineniiu 'Okislenie zhelieza, kak khimicheskaia osnova zhiznennykh iavlenii." Tbilisi, 1917. Octavo. Original printed wrappers; 15 pp. Very good.

Dr. N. S[akharov]. Novyi put' k poznaniiu zhizni (Podrazhanie Liukretsiiu). Nouvelle voie d'investigation de la vie (Imitation de Lucrece). Tbilisi, 1920. Curious elaboration on the preceding works in the form of a long rhymed poem. Octavo. Original printed self-wrappers; 15 pp. Old creases; good.

N. A. Sakharov. Ob etiologii nepravil'nykh ili tak nazyvaemykh lietneosennikh bolotnykh likhoradok i ob otnoshenii ikh k drugim bolotnym likhoradkam. Offprint from "Russkii Arkhiv Patologii, Klinicheskoi Meditsiny i Bakteriologii". St. Petersburg, 1896. Octavo. Original printed wrappers; 8 pp. Lacking rear wrapper; else very good.

N. Sacharoff. Die Malariaparasiten der Hämatoblasten und die Anwendung der Morphologie dieser Parasiten zur Entscheidung einiger Probleme der Blut- und Pigmentbildung. Abdruck aus dem Centralblatt für Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde und Infektionskrankheiten. Cassel, 1896. Vol. XX. Octavo. Original printed wrappers; 22. Two plates. Very good.

W. Boschowsky. Über primäres Lungensarkom. Sonderabdruck aus der Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Pathologie. Vol. 9, issue no. 2. WiesbadenÖ J. F. Bergmann, 1911. Offprint. Octavo. Original printed orange wrappers; pp. [1], 240-257. Signed and inscribed by the author. Very good.

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