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Poster for an Exhibition of Contemporary Yugoslav Artists

Galerija studentskog centra. SC art Gallery. Izložba. Exhibition.

Zagreb, 1966. (59.5 × 42 cm). Single leaf folded five times horizontally and once along the vertical axis. With numerous small reproductions. In English and Croatian. Very good.

An exhibition poster for the SC (Student Center) Gallery in Zagreb in 1966, illustrated with the work of seventeen Yugoslav artists including Matija Skurjeni, Branko Ružić, Ivan Picelj, Vasilije Jordan, Miro Šutej, Edo Murtić, Ante Kuduz, Malden Galić, and others. The exhibition was held on the occasion of the International Festival of Student Drama Groups, in Zagreb in 1966. The poster in English and Croatian caters to international art collectors, with information about prices and artist background. Founded in 1962, the SC Gallery focused on conceptual art, installations and happenings promoting Yugoslav contemporary artists, with its peak activity in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Price: $250.00