Canadian Neo-Avantgarde in Croatia

CEAC. Centre for Experimental Art and Communication. STRIKE. Art Communication Edition.

Zagreb: Galerija Studentskogo Centra, [1977]. Single leaf, measuring 41.5 × 29.5 cm, folded once horizontally. Lightly frayed to edges, still about very good.

A poster advertising the second European tour of the Canadian avant-garde artists from the Centre for Experimental Art and Communication (CEAC) hosted by the SC Gallery in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. The gallery hosted two events titled: “New Ideology. A film showing and discussions about the work of artist from CEAC” and “Dissident Art. Discussion about the official and dissident art in the west”. The visiting Canadian artists included Amerigo Marras, Bruce Eves, Lily Chiro, Roy Pelletier, Bob Reid, Lynn Wright. Founded in 1975 as an artist-run cooperative by Amerigo Marras and Bruce Eves (with Ron Gillespe), CEAC “acted as a studio, resource center, museum, gallery and performance space” focusing on “performance art, behavior workshops, contextualism, visual art (especially video art) and other post-modern art forms.” The first European tour of CEAC took place in 1976, taking the artists as far East as Poland, with this second tour in 1977 being their last. The group lost state funding and was forced to shut down in 1978 for allegedly “inciting violent revolt” by publishing an excerpt from a Mao Tse-tung essay on the pages of their periodical “STRIKE Art Communication Edition”.

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