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NovAdam. Nuevos Archivos de Arte Moderno Tipográfico. Volumen Primero/Nouvelles Archives d’Art Moderne Typographique, Premier Volume.

The first of a set of four volumes (68 pp., pp. 26-67 printed and numbered to rectos only) of the Catalan albums produced as source books for Trochut typefaces, displaying advancements in modern typography and typographical design, comprised of brief introductory text in Spanish and French, followed by examples of graphic typefaces as used in logos, business cards, stationary letterhead, and other forms of advertising design in the form of printed replicas as well as 19 actual tipped-in samples, each sample accompanied by information on the typography, design, and specific paper used. Illustrated profusely throughout in brilliant colors. 4to. Spiral-bound with gold-foil covers, both front and rear covers partially detached from spirals. Barcelona (Esteban Trochut Bachmann & Juan Trochut Blanchard/Sociedad Alianza de Artes Gráficas) n.d. (1936).

Joan (Juan) Trochut Blanchard was an important Catalan typographer and a key figure in the field of modernist Spanish graphic art. He was one of the cofounders of SADAG, the Sociedad Alianza de Artes Gráficas, which quickly became recognized as the most prestigious printing press in Barcelona. NovAdam was also the first appearance of the Super Veloz typeface, a groundbreaking modular system of versatile and combinable types designed by Trochut in 1942 and produced by the Fundición Tipografica Iranzo. SuperVeloz was designed to meet the typographical, decorative, and advertising needs of any small printer by allowing them to develop ideas free from the constraints of standard lead type pieces, and by lowering production costs. These albums were distributed free of charge to printers who had purchased Trochut-designed typefaces, to be used as a sort of manual for commercial design. A colorful and striking display of modernist Spanish graphic design and typography. Extremely scarce; as of October 2020, OCLC did not locate a single holding in a North American institution.

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