Omnibus News 1 (1969) (all published).

Unpaginated (approx. 200 pp.) first and only issue of the artist's book-style avant-garde German periodical on contemporary art and artists, edited by Thomas Niggl, Christian d'Orville, and Heimrad Prem, including some works produced specifically for this publication, which is arranged in an eclectic format with varied fonts, sizes and colors of paper, etc., embodying the spirit and aesthetic of the 1960s, with text in German with some English. Profusely illustrated throughout with over 200 illustrations in the text and on plates. 4to. Original photo-illustrated wrpps. Munich, 1969.

This publication is considered to be one of the first assembling-style publications, in which contributors submitted 1500 copies of their work to be collated by the publication's editors. It compiles a variety of different kinds of documents on various paper stocks arranged alphabetically by contributor, including drawings, rubber stampings, concrete and visual poetry, multiple printmaking techniques, and other forms of media. It includes contributions from such important artistic and literary figures from the period as Eric Andersen, Stanley Brouwn, Otto Dressler, Dick Higgins, Timm Ullrichs, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, the Bread and Puppet Theater, and Hans-Peter Zimmer, among many others.

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