Czech Surrealist "Magnitizdat"

Fragmenty 1963/1964 [Fragments 1963/1964].

[Prague, ca. 1975-1985]. Black paper-covered card box with red arrow symbol affixed to cover, 19 × 19 × 2.4 cm. Typewritten contents in Czech affixed inside lid and French contents leaf loosely inserted, with the editor's signature to verso. Plastic casing holding three cassette tapes with typewritten labels, covered by sheet of cardboard with original photographic print affixed to recto and limitation note affixed to verso. Light wear to case, else very good.

An extremely rare memento of Czechoslovak surrealist circles and experimental poetry of the 1960s, this edition gathers three cassette tapes with recorded performances by Bohumila Grögerová, Věra Linhartová, Stanislav Dvorský, Vratislav Effenberger, Milan Nápravník and Ladislav Novák. The authors read the recorded texts during two evenings of the Prague Surrealist Group at Klub Mánes in 1963 and 1964. In the original black card box, with typewritten contents in Czech and French, as well as an original photograph signed to verso by Milan Nápravník, who edited the present work. All were known for their work in surrealist and/or concrete and visual poetry during the 1960s and into the post-1968 Normalization period, during which experimental poetics were discouraged and displaced into the underground and unofficial cultural circles.

Evidently another copy was owned by the Czech poet and literary theoretician Stanislav Dvorský (1940-2020), who issued a CD version in 2002, which was the first accessible version of these recordings. See: Pavel Novotný, "Das literarische Experiment und interkulturelle Schranken" and Pavel Novotný, Akustische Literatur: Experimentelles Hörspiel im Zeitalter analoger Technik (2020), pp. 238 (he cites one of the recorded texts, Ladislav Novák's Text for MM, as a pioneering work of auditive poetry, not only in the Czech context). We have not been able to find any information about the time of creation of the present tape copies, but the make (BASF Chromodioxid II) makes the early 1970s to mid-1980s the most likely time frame.

Very rare. This is no. 7 of only 13 copies.

As of July 2021, not in KVK, OCLC. Not held by the Czech National Library.

Book ID: 51081