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Bauhaus Photography


1929. Later print; 17.5 × 23.5 cm. Very good.

Photography was not offered as a course of study at the founding of Bauhaus and the school acquired its first camera only in 1925 to document important events. The first photography classes were taught at the school starting in 1929, when Hannes Meyer, then director of Bauhaus, hired Walter Peterhans to lead a photography course for advertising and journalism. Despite photography’s absence from the curriculum, in 1927 László Moholy-Nagy published his famous Painting, Photography, Film where he showcased his own photographs, influencing young photographers such as T. Lux Feininger and Lotte Beese. In the same year Walter Gropius commissioned Erich Consemuller to photograph the activities of the school, resulting in an archive of 300 photographs of the Bauhaus scene. Heinz Loew developed as a photographer in the advertising and typography department. His photographs were first exhibited at the “Film and Foto” exhibit in Stuttgart in 1930.

No. 65 in Eugene J. Prakapas, Bauhaus Photography (1982), where he notes: “most of these photographs have never been published or have not been published since the time they were made” (p. xi).

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