Anti-Semitic and Anti-Bolshevik Propaganda

Boljševizam u Evropi [Bolshevism in Europe].

Karlovac: Drz̆avni Izvještajni i Promičbeni Ured, 1942. Octavo (22 × 16 cm). Original staple-stitched pictorial wrappers on blue stock; 30 pp. Seven drawings in the text. Some light creasing to text block; still very good.

Anonymously published pamphlet on the dangers of Bolshevism, with harshly anti-semitic content and seven anti-semitic drawings. The book was published by the propaganda arm of the Nezavisna Država Hrvatska (NDH), or the Independent State of Croatia, which served as a puppet state of the German Nazi regime during World War II. Ruled by the fascist Ustasha movement and its dictatorial leader Ante Pavelić, its territory extended throughout much of today's Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as parts of modern Serbia and Slovenia. In its racial politics, the NDH was closely aligned with the policies of Nazi Germany, and it carried out genocide against Jews, Roma, and ethnic Serbs, with at least twenty-two concentration camps active in the state. Historians have classified it as one of the most lethal regimes of the twentieth century.

The present pamphlet is rare; as of December 2020, KVK and OCLC only show the copy at Württembergische Landesbibliothek (Stuttgart).

Book ID: 51143