Home Grown. Europe's First Dope Magazine. (Issues nos. 8 through 10 titled Home Grown International). Vol. 1, No. 1 (1977) through Vol. 1., No. 10 (Winter 1981) (all published).

A complete run in 10 issues, each issue 36-64 pp., of "Europe's First Dope Magazine", edited by Lee Harris, John May, Max Handley, Jon Trux, Lee Torrey, and Don Irving, with contributions or interviews from Timothy Leary, Michael Hollingshead, George Andrews, Patti Smith, Steve Abrams, Peter Tosh, Harry Shapiro, George Melly, Bryan Talbot, Simon Vinkenoog, Gilbert Shelton, William Levy, Mim Scala, and many others, with essay titles such as "Declaration of Evolution", "LSD and the Mind Alchemyst", "The Ganja of Love", "Coco Leaf Capers", "United States of Cocaine", "The Acid Alchemist Affair", "Cannabis - A Comfort in Your Old Age", "Korea - Land of Happy Smoke", "The Prison Letters of Danny de Souza", and "Rasta, Reggae, and Ganja." Profusely illustrated throughout with drawings and photographs. 4to. Stapled illustrated wrpps. London (Alchemy Publications) 1977-1981.

The editorial in the premiere issue reads, "Times have changed and a decade has passed since those halcyon days of 1967 which saw the dawning of the alternative culture with its many new art forms and life-style. Getting high and tripping were the new experience in the psychedelic age. Like all cultural, social, political and spiritual movements, many transformations have since taken place. The flower children of that summer of love have grown up and most of the culture they spawned has been assimilated into the wider society. Dope, which was once something that only the hippies took, is now widely accepted and used. Public opinion is now moving towards a more tolerant attitude to cannabis smoking...This is the year of Home Grown...Home Grown will aim at presenting an enlightened and informative, as well as entertaining, attitude to dope and related subjects - views and approaches not expressed by the popular press and other media....Into the New Age..." Scarce; as of December 2020, OCLC only locates one holding in a North American institution.

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