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Large Collection of 1980s Bay Area Punk Flyers.

A significant group of approximately 113 unique flyers (including a few variants) from the mid-1980s punk scene in the California Bay Area, all collected by a single person, photomechanicaly produced on various colors of paper stock. Various sizes, most 11" x 8.5". Overall very good condition, minor edgewear, a few with some slight creasing, a few flyers with pencil or ink notations to versos. Together with an photograph of the Sea Hags by Mike Haggard with inscription from Ron Yocum dated 1988, a press photo of Agent Orange from Enigma Records,, and a a blue velvet patch with "SEA HAGS" embroidered in silver thread. Various, circa 1985.

This collection of flyers dates to primarily the mid-1980s and was formed by an apparent fan of The Sea Hags, given the number of Sea Hags flyers including in this grouping. Other groups and artists represented include a number of major figures from the San Francisco punk scene. Some of the artists included are The Tubes, The Butthole Surfers, Camper Van Beethoven, the Mr. T Experience, Bad Religion, Agent Orange, The Shakes, The Toy Dolls, Clown Alley, No Sisters, M.D.C., The Cramps, Discharge, SVT, The New York Dolls, Alley Cats, Screaming Sirens, House of Wheels, The Dadas, The Nuns, The Dils, The Avengers, Black Athletes, Faith No More, and many others. Many of the flyers are from shows played at Mabuhay Gardens and The Farm in San Francisco, with other venues represented including The Troubadour, Al's Bar, the Great American Music Hall, Starry Plough, Cotati Cabaret, Full Moon Saloon, Keystone, Folsom Studios, and the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.
An interesting and visually striking collection from an important time in California's punk and hardcore music history.

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