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Paris '68

Collection of CMDO (Conseil pour le Maintien des Occupations) Documents from May 1968.

Group of approximately 19 original items and texts issued by or related to the CMDO (Conseil pour le Maintien des Occupations) dating to Paris 1968, in the form of comics, flyers, and reports, including: a typed double-sided address to all workers ("Adresse a Tous les Travailleurs"), dated May 30; a tabloid-size printing of the same address; two statements from aviation workers; a mimeographed comic strip "Les travailleurs en Gréve", possibly the first leaflet produced by the CMDO; a printed statement "Pour le Pouvoir des Conseils Ouvriers", dated May 22; two small posters; a 3-pp. mimeographed and stapled document, "Rapport sur l'Occupation de la Sorbonne", dated May 19; a small mimeographed comic strip proudced after the assassination of Robert Kennedy; a statement "C'est Pas Fini!" denouncing the methods employed by unions, printed on heavy cardstock and dated June 8; several additional comic strips including one about Olivier Bianchi; a comic strip with text taken from the "Traite de Savoir-Vivre à l'Usage des Jeunes Generations"; some song texts; and a couple of additional documents. Some illustrated. Various sizes, mostly 4to. some scattered toning, minor handling wear, overall fine condition. Loose as issued. Paris, 1968.

The CMDO, or Council for Maintaining the Occupations, was a revolutionary group founded on May 17th, during the May 1968 events in Paris, by members of the Comité d'Occupation de la Sorbonne. The group was more or less made up constantly of about 10 situationists and Enragés, along with various other revolutionaries and strikers from assorted industries, as well as other workers and students.
Throughout its existence, the CMDO was a successful experiment in direct democracy, guaranteeing equal participation from all members in debates and decision-making. It functioned as an uninterrupted general assembly, with no private meetings taking place outside of the common debate. Three commissions were organized within the general assembly: the Printing Commission, the Liaison Commission, and the Requisitions Commission. A number of texts, posters, comics, and songs were published by the CMDO during its lifetime, several of which are included in this collection. Some of its major publications saw printings of upwards of 150,000 copies. Many texts were also reproduced in the provinces and abroad, as the CMDO itself translated a number of its texts into English, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Arabic.
A fine and important collection of historical documents from the height of this important time of civil unrest.

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