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Polish Interwar Graphic Art and Design

Grafika: Organ Związku Polskich Artystów Grafików i Zrzeszenia Kierowników Zakładów Graficznych [Graphic arts: a journal of the Association of Polish Graphic Artists and the Union of Directors of Graphic Departments]. Vol I, no. 1 (October 1930) through vol. IV, no. 3/4 (June 1939) (all published).

Warsaw: Związek Polskich Artystów Grafików, 1930-1934, 1938-1939. Large quartos ( × cm). Contemporary or somewhat later green leather-backed boards with raised spines; all original wrappers preserved; ca. 52-58 pp. per issue. Profusely illustrated throughout from examples of commercial printing, photographs, reproductions of artwork, and original prints. The issues resized to bindings; lacking three tipped-in plates: one by Z. Stryjenska in volume II, and two woodcuts are missing from volume III, by St. Ostoja-Chrostowski and W. Goryńska. A few loose pages, overall very good.

A scarce complete run of one of the most important Polish graphic arts journals of the interwar period, published irregularly and devoted to the topics of applied graphics and the art of printing, edited by Franciszek Siedlecki and Tadeusz Gronowski, comprising 20 issues in four volumes, with the fourth volume being issued after a five-year break in publication. The journal is particularly remarkable for the Art Deco-style covers designed by artists including Tadeusz Gronowski (1894-1990) and Henryk Stażewski (1894-1988), who contributed two cover designs in the style of geometric abstraction and Neo-Plasticism.

Articles throughout the run of Grafika covered a variety of topics including the Tyszkiewicz publishing house, the Krasiński Library, a book exhibition in Paris, the technique of lithography, folk woodcuts, the collection of Polish graphics at the National Museum in Warsaw, the work of Artur Szyk, the posters of Tadeusz Gronowski, illustrations in nineteenth-century Polish books and magazines, and many others. Artistic contributions in the form of woodcuts, lithographs, linocuts, and other illustrations are from important Polish artists of the period, including Adam Póltawski, Władysław Skoczylas, Tadeusz Gronowski, Stanislaw Ostoja-Chrostowski, Konstanty Sopoćko, Tadeusz Cieślewski, Ludwik Tyrowicz, and Julian Bohdanowicz. An important resource on interwar Polish graphics and graphic design.

Breakdown of issues: Vol. I, nos. 1-6 (1930-1931), vol. II, nos. 1-6 (1932-1933), vol. III, nos. 1-5 (1933-1934), and vol. IV, nos. 1-3/4 (1938-1939).

Rare; as of March 2021, OCLC locates four partial runs in North America, of which two holdings only include a single issue, but we were unable to locate another complete run in the United States.

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