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Polish Punk Under Communism

Brygada Kryzys [The Crisis Brigade]. Flyer.

Warsaw: self-published, 1981. Single leaf of xeroxed text and images to recto and verso, measuring 29.5 × 20.5 cm. Very good.

A kind of underground press release, this the flyer announces the formation of Brygada Kryzys (Crisis Brigade), today recognized as Poland’s most important new-wave band. “August 1981. Warsaw. Robert Brylawski and Jezyk Werenski from the legendary Kryzys, and Tomek Lipinski from the legendary Tylt founded a new band which was joined by Jarek Ptasinski and Slawek Slocinski. It is called Brygada Kryzys”. The flyer identifies the influences of the new band, ranging from punk to reggae, and notes a new direction in contemporary music and the cultural climate. The group’s first show, which was supposed to take place in Gdansk at the Solidarity convention, was cancelled because the organizers feared that the group’s lyrics were too politically radical. The group performed in Warsaw instead, with the resulting recording (produced in England) becoming their first album. The image of Warsaw’s toppling Palace of Culture, a symbol of Polish Communism which appeared on their first album cover is also depicted on this flyer. In 1983, Brygada Kryzys appeared in the documentary about the Polish punk underground by Dutch filmmaker Jacques de Koning.

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