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Profezie per il 1916 della Veggente Contessa Aurelia. Via dei Pontefici, 27. Roma.

Slim 24 pp. volume published anonymously but attributed to Bragaglia, which contains a brief background and biography of Aurelia as well as her prophecies for 1916. Two illustrations within the volume: a photographic portrait of Aurelia and a diagram of a palm with the lines on the hand and the fingers mapped to different planets. 8vo. Stapled pink cover with unsigned engraving by Futurist artist Enrico Prampolini, overall excellent condition. Rome (E. Matteucci) 1916.

Anton Giulio Bragaglia was a pioneer in Italian Futurist photography and Futurist cinema. In 1911 he published the treatise "Fotodinamismo" and began lecturing on the topic, and the same year became chief editor of the art and theater newspaper "L'Artista". In 1912 and 1916 he published two Futurist manifestos, Fotodinamica Futurista and Manifesto of Futurist Cinema, respectively. In 1916 he also founded the avant-garde magazine "Cronache di Attualità"and the film studio "Novissima-Film".
This work was published in the same year as the first issues of "Cronache di Attualità" and "Ruota", a crucial year in Bragaglia's career. Despite being published anonymously, this work is now thought of to be by Bragaglia, with many connections to the Italian Futurists. The engraving on the cover reproduces a drawing by Enrico Prampolini which appeared in the serial "La Ruota: Rivista Mensile Illustrata per la Gioventù" on 25 January 1916. In addition, the Visionary Countess Aurelia, on Via dei Pontefici, was frequented habitually by the Roman Futurists, who in turn published volumes of her prophecies until the year of her death, 1927. Like this one, most of the volumes in this series were published anonymously.
Incredibly scarce; as of February 2021, OCLC locates only a single holding of this work at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma.
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