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Misteri della Cabala.

16 pp. booklet containing jokes, rhymes, and sarcastic comments on various members of the Futurist movement invlucing Depero, Vasari, Soffici, and Prampolini, with subscription form for "Del teatro teatrale" in multiple languages inserted to center and embellished with a woodcut. A few scattered cartoon-style text illustrations by up and coming illustrators, including Ivo Pannaggi, Achille Campanile, and Leo Longanesi. 8vo.. Original printed wrpps. with advertisements for other publications from the Edizioni della Casa d'Arte Bragaglia to front cover and of the journal "Index" to back cover, with abstract illustration to front cover by Toddi, torn along spine and held by staple. Rome (Casa d'Arte Bragaglia/Società Tip. A. Manuzio) n.d (1923). (Gambetti, Rarissimi, p. 22).

Anton Giulio Bragaglia was a pioneer in Italian Futurist photography and Futurist cinema. In 1911 he published the treatise "Fotodinamismo" and began lecturing on the topic, and the same year became chief editor of the art and theater newspaper "L'Artista". In 1912 and 1916 he published two Futurist manifestos, Fotodinamica Futurista and Manifesto of Futurist Cinema, respectively. In 1916 he also founded the avant-garde magazine "Cronache di Attualità" and the film studio "Novissima-Film".
After Cronache di Attualità ceased publication, both "Index" and "Misteri della Cabala", which had existed before as a satirical column, continued being published independently, the latter in the form of this anonymous paperback issue. There is no indication anywhere to the volume of year or date; rather, the dating of the work can only be inferred based on the contents. Many Futurists are skewered in the pages of this volume, some seemingly done so in good humor, while other remarks are more cutting.
Incredibly scarce; as of July 2021, OCLC locates only a single holding in a North American institution.

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