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Rare Collaborationist DP Journal

Kolokol. The Bell. Die Glocke. Organ ob"edineniia poslevoennykh bezhentsev iz Sovetskogo Soiuza v Zapadnoi Germanii [A publication of the Union of the Soviet post-war refugees in West Germany]. Vol. I, nos. 1-6 (1952); vol. II, nos. 7-10 (1953) in six fascicles (all published).

Hamburg: [Ob"edinenie], 1952-1953. Quartos (29 × 21 cm). Original printed multi-colored staple-stitched wrappers; 32-38 pp of mimeographed typescript per issue. Fragile; a few wrappers detached; text toned due to stock.

A complete set (in six volumes) of a little-known Russian language Displaced Persons (DP) journal published in Hamburg by the Union of Soviet post-War refugees in West Germany. While most of the Russian language DP press was dominated by the White émigrés who fled Russia shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution, “Kolokol” was published by and for former Soviet citizens who fled, or decided not to return (in the case of POWs) to the Soviet Union.
The journal was connected to the ROA (Russian Liberation Army) and KNOR (Committee for the Liberation of Russian People), two controversial collaborationist groups, made up of White émigrés, and former Soviet citizen POWs, who fought on the side of Germany against Soviet Russia in WWII. An English language digest was included with every issue, with the first issue containing an “appeal to Soviet Refugees as well as to Western public opinion”. Former members of ROA and KNOR would have been executed if repatriated to the Soviet Union. With this knowledge they formed alliances such as the Union of Refugees and published this journal which helped them unite, lobby their cause, and seek asylum in the West. Among the contributors were N. Zorin, G. Svetlanin, I. Petin, D. Dalin, A. Vronskii, I. Riazanskii, I. MIroshnikov, A. Bovshits -- no doubt many of these names being pseudonyms.

One of the editors and a frequent contributor to the publication was Ivan Grigor'evich Miroshnikov (Miroshnichenko), a lieutenant colonel of the ROA who was the head of the combat unit of the German Reconnaissance School in Wengelsdorf during WWII. Miroshnikov and many others who managed to escape repatriation later immigrated to the United States.

As of April 2021, KVK, OCLC show complete sets only at Columbia and Hoover Institution, with individual issues held at Yale, LOC, UNC, Sheffield, the British Library, and Bremen.

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