On Hold

Mimeographed Bulletin By Czech Anti-Nazi Fighters Stationed in England

1 prapor: informace - tisk osvětová a duch. služba. Denní časopis 1. pěšího praporu v Anglii v tábǒre Moreton Paddox [1st battalion: an informational organ. A daily journal of the first infantry battalion in England, at the Moreton Paddox camp]. Vol. I, nos. 1-78 (complete first year).

Moreton Paddox, England, 1940. Octavos (19.6 × 16.2 cm). Contemporary (publisher's?) cloth with drawn illustration to front board and special title leaf; 311, [1] pp. of mimeographed typescript and drawings to rectos and versos (continous pagination). Printed on variously colored stock. Each issue with numerous satirical drawings and cartoons. About very good.

Complete first year of this rare news bulletin with anti-Nazi and other political caricatures, published by Czech soldiers in exile at the Moreton Paddox camp, near Birmingham. Among the approximately 4,000 Czech soldiers in the camp were two fighters who were later selected for the attack on German Deputy Reichsprotektor in Prague, Reinhard Heydrich: the "Moravian Jan Kubiš and the Slovak Josef Gabčik. Heydrich died of his injuries from the detonation on June 4. A campaign to find the assassins quickly unfolded and they were eventually discovered and killed at the Ss. Cyrill and Method Cathedral in Prague. The attackers had been trained near Moreton Paddox with the help of the British Special Operations Executive and their mission was approved by the Czech government in exile.

The journal contains information on the daily life of the Czech forces, the situation in England and the rest of Europe, updates on the war effort and the anti-Nazi resistance. Each issue with numerous cartoons, typically aimed at the Nazis and their allies, many of them full-page. The publisher and illustrator was Bohumil Boček (1904-1969), a Czech teacher and Jesuit, who was active in anti-German resistance and published anti-Nazi caricatures, before fleeing Protectorate Czechoslovakia in 1940. He was first active in France, and later served in the educational and spiritual service attached to Battalion 1. In total, 276 issues were published in 1940-1941.

As of April 2021, KVK and OCLC only show one incomplete run in North America.

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