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Album englischer Landhaeuser, Villen, Cottagen &c.

1856. Carlsruhe : J. Veith, 12 parts in 1 volume containing 144 lithograph plates (12 in color) of city and country homes for the gentry and their retainers, schoolhouses, cottages, etc., with ground plans. Orig. blind-stamped cloth. Spine chipped. Carlsruhe (J. Veith) (1856). Some foxing. 2 pages repaired. Small obl. folio.

The collection is most interesting as proof of the considerable Victorian influence on the Continent, specifically in Germany. Among the designs, 28 are by Peter Frederick Robinson, others by Francis Goodwin, T. F. Hunt, S. H. Brooks (including one for a "portable" cottage), and Henry E. Kendall Jr. One, at least, of the Kendall plates comes from his "Designs for Schools and Schoolhouses" of 1847.

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