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Libellus: A Monthly Mail-Art Publication. Nos. 1 (October 1980) through 12 (October 1981) (all published).

A complete run in twelve issues of the avant-garde journal, edited by Guy Schraenen, conceived of as a 12-part project leading up to the "Antwerp International Mail-Art Festival" held in October 1981, with contributions by many of the most important European practitioners of the movement, including dramatic and quirky juxtapositions of text and images documenting various projects, both individual and collective, profusely illustrated throughout. 4to. Illustrated self-wrpps. Antwerp (Internationaal Cultureel Centrum) 1980-1981.

The first issue of Libellus contains a letter from Schraenen, calling himself the "guest curator", which calls for submissions and contributions. The letter reads, "You are invited to participate to the one year mail-art project. This project will end by a tremendous mail-art event, the "ANTWERP INTERNATIONAL MAIL-ART FESTIVAL" which will be held at the Internationaal Cultureel Centrum, Antwerp, during the month of September 1981...The 12 issues of Libellus will be part of the Festival catalogue which you will receive." The initial issue also contains brief paragraphs and drawings calling for submissions in the form of directory listings, postage stamp drawings, audio cassettes, videos, postcards, and other documents.
Subsequent issues contain listings of all of the international submissions received during the past month, with highlighted selections reproduced within the pages of Libellus. Contributors whose work was printed in the journal include Alberto Harrigan, Grupo Texto Poético, Pawel Petasz, Damso Ogaz, Dan Berber, G.A. Cavellini, Daniele Ciullini, Christoph Mach, Vittore Baroni, Piotr Rypson, Herman de Vries, Dick Higgins, Árpád Tóth, Teresinka Pereira, Falves Silva, Gunter Ruch, Michele Perfetti, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Klaus Groh, Lourdes Castro, Robert Filliou, Endre Tot, Carlo Pittore, and many others.
Some of the issues seem to be focused on one certain type of submission, while others contain a wider variety of types of artwork. Issue no. 3 is dedicated to invitations, no. 5 contains small notecards and postcards, and no. 7 is primarily postage and rubber stamps. Issue no. 8 also contains two supplementary sheets of original perforated postage stamps, printed in red and blue, with 48 stamps to each sheet.

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